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The L1 visa is a non-immigrant visa that allows foreign companies to send certain employees to a related US company. If you have any questions about the L1 visa, email me directly at My team of US immigration lawyers and I would be happy to help you get your L1 visa. In the L1 category, you may qualify if you have some specialized knowledge for minimum of a year however, this level of education/experience does not suffice for a beneficiary of the EB-1C. Since the L-1 visa is considered dual intent, it is often the case that these visa holders will try to apply for a Green Card before their status expires.
There is a premium processing option for L visa petitions filed in the US, which for an additional filing fee, the U.S. Immigration Service will commit to process the application within 15 business days from receipt of the application. This does not mean that there will necessarily be a final decision in 15 days, but that there will be a response by this time.
In other words, there is an unspoken understanding that the visa holder is at least somewhat likely to apply for a Green Card at some point prior to the expiration of their L-1 status. Although L-1 Visas do not grant permanent residency, foreign nationals who have entered the U.S. via an L-1 may apply for permanent residency while holding an L-1. Managerial capacity means that as an employee of the company, you supervise a process, sub-function, or some other important aspect of the business. When this period of time is close to expiration, your employer can file for an extension.
L1A renewals are issued in increments of 2 years at a time. In most cases, the procedure for renewing the L1A is the same as the procedure for first time L1A applications, which is described above. Often L1A extension applicants only apply for an extension of the L1A status with USCIS and forgo applying for the visa at a US Consulate. However, if you are coming to work for a US company that is less than 12 months old, the L1A is initially issued for 1 year. However, many L1A holders apply for a Green Card before they reach the 7th year on the L1A. See our explanation of the L1A to Green Card application process below the Green Card tab.
There are no limits to the number of L-1 visas that the U.S. Immigration Service can issue per year and the petitioning company does not have to obtain a prevailing wage approval or file any documents with the Department of Labor. L-1 visa aliens may possess dual intent, allowing them to apply for a permanent residency concurrently with the L Visa application.
l1a visa interview questions with specialized knowledge receive a visa that is initially valid for three years. The L1B employee can remain in the US for a maximum of five years. The longest portion of this time is the processing of the US company’s initial application .
For a regular L-1 visa, the company must file a petition with the USCIS and each petition is evaluated on its own merits. Blanket L-1 visas, which are available to employers that meet certain criteria. You have a short grace period in which you may look for a new job, and have it approved by the USCIS. Size of the U.S. investment and the financial ability of the foreign entity to remunerate the L-1 beneficiary and to commence doing business in the U.S. Requests for L-1B Visa are originated by the employer on behalf of the hopeful immigrant just as with they would for an L-1A candidate. In either case, the employer begins the process by filing a Form I-129 Petition for a Nonimmigrant Worker.